One of my favorite quotes I recently read from the internet ....

"Divers are some of the most calm, composed and stress-free people I know. I'm just not sure whether it's calming effect of the sea or brain damage from lack of oxygen ... "


Special Events Technician

Spanning the past 3 decades, I have been working in Special Events, from Concert, Touring and Corporate Live Audio, RF Coordination, Audio Tracking and Recording (Live and Studio), Theatre Audio, Carpentry, Flies, Film and Custom Carpentry.

While projects in Film & TV have lead into custom carpentry jobs for high end retail and office spaces. Live events have turned into recording engagements. Community Theatre turns into a lifelong career in the Spectacle that many search out.


With the exciting work pace of special events, ones lifestyle is as discombobulated as can be. I've lived in many places in Southern Ontario, Toronto, and now Calgary.

Living in Calgary has expanded my knowledge of some of my hobbies, with the Majestic Bow River flowing just steps away from my front door allowing me to kayak around town, to the majestic Rocky Mountains in view every day when I drive home from work, and giving a great backdrop to pictures during sunset in the winter on my drive home with the downtown core in the foreground.

It's not all rainbows and unicorns, I do despise the winters here. The snow, and the lack of removal from roads. The 16+ hours of darkness, the wind .... Even the summers, with 18+ hours of daylight ...

Under the Sea

The world of SCUBA is at times, a very tranquil place, with waves gently guiding you around a Caribbean Reef, full of colourful wildlife. To its majestic and ancient beauties of caverns, caves and even modern (and old) shipwrecks.

It's also not all fun and games. When you're a few atmospheres of pressure below the surface, on life support, anything could happen at any time. Keeping track of partial pressures of gasses, decompression tables, tides, cave lines, direction, your buddy, etc can really add up to an extremely bad day for all of your loved ones, and your dive team.

Above the Sea

Canoeing and Kayaking are two very similar, and very different activities on top of the water.

While environments for these activities can overlap, you'll most likely find me in a kayak these days. Gliding along a mooring post in a harbour full of adult Seals and their pups, and breaching Grey Whales, to the gurgle and roar of rapids which you can't see over the first crest.

Having said that, the tranquility of canoeing and portaging through the wilderness is very hard to beat for weeks at a time. In my past, I was very lucky to spend time working as a Forest Ranger doing such things, canoeing, maintaining portage trails down quite a number of Northern Ontario Rivers and Lakes.


Click, Flash, and the sound of automatic winding. Well not so much the winding these days, but the sound of the shutter, and the snap with the burst of light from the flash with digital cameras are a close second.

Combining photography with diving and kayaking has been an adventure, from kayaking in Tofino with a dozen massive Grey Whales in the bays and straights, playing stalking games with harbour seals teaching their young in Mill Bay, and tackling waterfalls from Guatemala into Bullet Tree in Belize.

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