Tacklebox, The Bordah, BDS

Today was a morning dive with over a dozen or so Med-Large sized Nurse Sharks, and to some depth in some areas navigating around the deep finger reefs.

Quite a few of the nurse sharks followed us through the finger canyons, almost like herding us through actually. It was a little surreal, but pretty cool. When we hit the outside of the wall, there were quite a few pairs of rays and a half dozen huge black groupers hanging around the edge of the wall.

This was also the first day that I clued in that my new GoPro can actually go under water, and can withstand the depths that we were going too. Up until then, I used a friends snorkel camera, that’s only rated to 40 feet.

In the second dive of the day, the fish got scarcer, but also larger at the same time, with an appearance of a massive porcupine fish.

I also noticed that my console was leaking a little too.
Caye Caulker Belize, Tacklebox, BDS
Date: September 9, 2012
Bottom Time: 52 minutes
Max Depth: 91 ft
Water Temp: 28C
Vis: Caribbean …. lots!
Notes: Took GoPro, lots of nurse sharks and big groupers, leaky console. 3200/1250PSI
Running Time: 12:19

Caye Caulker Belize, The Bordah, BDS
Date: September 9, 2012
Bottom Time: 54 minutes
Max Depth: 65 ft
Water Temp: 28C
Vis: Caribbean …. lots!
Notes: Big nurse shark last half, GoPro fogged, giant porcupine puffer, leaky console, 2700/600PSI
Running Time: 13:13

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