Invasion AKR Day 2

Well, after having a very long day of travelling, and little food (finally at a diner), and a good time at the orientation gathering, its off to start diving!

I started a little early, to make sure I had some equipment. I checked into the dive shop, acquired a locker, and most of my equipment. The only things that I can use that I brought, was what I carried on the plane (my Regs, Lights and Camera).

Kevin from the dive shop was very accommodating in getting me equipment, and off I went to breakfast.

After breakfast, the last part of the nitrox course was completed (analyzing) and we were off to the boats. I had a bit of confusion, as I was under the Andrea boat list, but that boat turned out to be the Albacore, a much larger dive boat with a fly bridge.

After a quick ‘check out’ splash off of the back of the boat, to make sure you sink with the weight you have, remove/replace your regulator and clear your mask, it’s off to the dive sites.

The dive sites are very close to AKR, most a mere 5 minutes away and some a bit further at 10 minutes away, so once your out of their harbour, your almost ready to splash in.

For the first dive, I didn’t bring the camera down, as I’m in mostly all rental gear and wanted to make sure I had at least a dive to get it all sorted out (where things are on the BC, make sure weighting is alright, etc)

It was a wall dive, with an insane amount of Bottle Nose Puffers EVERYWHERE. And by everywhere, I mean, that the vis was being affected by them physically. You couldn’t look a few inches from the last one to the next one everywhere on the reef.

The second was a similar wall dive, and I took the camera down and shot a few short videos.

The third dive after lunch, I tried to take some pictures. This area had quite a few canyons that we swam through with quite a fair amount of crabs and shrimp.

Sadly my baggage didn’t show up, but heard it went do San Pedro (on the mainland) instead. Closer I guess…..

Happy hour at the pool, dinner following and editing of the days photos, it’s time to get some sleep.
AKR Roatan, Overheat Reef
Date: April 27, 2014
Bottom Time: 46 minutes
Max Depth: 27m
Water Temp: 28.9C
Running Time:49:33

AKR Roatan, Green Outhouse Wall
Date: April 27, 2014
Bottom Time: 65 minutes
Max Depth: 20m
Water Temp: 28.9C
Running Time: 50:38

AKR Roatan, Pillar Coral
Date: April 27, 2014
Bottom Time: 59 minutes
Max Depth:  15.4m
Water Temp: 28.9C
Running Time: 51:37

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