Invasion AKR Day 4

Today we were scheduled to dive the Aguila wreck, but due to the morning shark dive, it was postponed.

Instead we dove Fish Den, White Hole, Pillar Coral, and a night dive at Mikes Place.

I can’t remember too much about the day dives, but I’ve found out that I generally hang back on the first dive, as everyone is excited to grab their photos of what Sherwin (our DM) was pointing out. So much so, its just easier to hang back, find some critters along the way and look for what he had pointed out.

In the afternoon, United finally got my bag to Roatan, via a few places that included Toronto. Interesting ….

With my wing now ready to hold air, boots, fins and shorts, I did a quick weight check off the back of the boat. I decided not to break out the drysuit at that time, as I didn’t have the plumbing installed quite yet, and didn’t want to do too much adjustment all at once.

I did find out that there was more than the usual small leak with my mask. I didn’t see a single thing aside from a green blob (the wall), a blue blob (open water) and white blobs (divers bubbles in front of me). Well that mask went quickly into the garbage.

On the night dive, everyone was razing me a little, as everyone was putting on their full wetsuits, hoods, booties and the like, while I just had swim trunks and a long shirt still. Mainly bugging me about the jellyfish that generally like to come out and hang all around the boats.

On the dive, after we all splashed in and made it to our cruising depth, a big BANG occurred. I was beside Sherwin when it happened. He spun around trying to find out who’s loosing gas, not realizing it was him. By that time, my long hose was deployed and he was on his way to the surface.

It seemed quite a while (over 8 minutes in fact) for him to change a tank. It turned out that his secondary LP hose blew.

All the rest of that dive, all I could hear, very loudly and clearly was the small leak that I have in my HP connection with my SPG. Needless to say, my SAC was up a bit higher to 15L than my usual 10-12L in the caribbean.

Coming up to the surface, there weren’t any jellies and we were back to the dock for dinner very shortly after that.

Overhearing a few conversations at dinner, quite a few people got stung by quite a few jellies on their night dives.

Well, back to the usual routine of downloading pictures, getting rid of most of them, and making the rest shine.
AKR Roatan, Fish Den
Date: April 29, 2014
Bottom Time: 50 minutes
Max Depth: 32m
Water Temp: 28.9C
Running Time: 56:09

AKR Roatan, White Hole
Date: April 29, 2014
Bottom Time: 57 minutes
Max Depth: 21m
Water Temp: 28.9C
Running Time: 57:06

AKR Roatan, Pillar Coral
Date: April 29, 2014
Bottom Time: 53 minutes
Max Depth: 20m
Water Temp: 28.9C
Running Time: 57:59

AKR Roatan,┬áMike’s Place
Date: April 29, 2014
Bottom Time: 53 minutes
Max Depth: 15m
Water Temp: 28.3C
Running Time: 58:52

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