Zero Vis scootz!

This week, we chose Ogden Point to do our Weekly Wednesday GUE dive. This was a special dive for me, as it was number 300!

C.Lock, Lee, Shaun and I donned our scooters for a most EPIC run of the breakwater at night.

Upon first getting into the water to gear up, there was no viz. You couldn’t see the sand you were standing on, let alone anything underwater!

The two kickers already started out and you could barely see them from the surface, with their lights.

We headed out in the horrible viz and worked our way pretty close to the wall the whole way out. Dodging, Ducking, Diving, Weaving and Dodging the massive boulders, and wildlife as we cruised out to the end.

The current picked up for the last half, pushing us backwards at time while under power.

Big schools of pipefish, beds of swimming scallops, messes of rockfish and anemones adorned the waters.

On the way back, while enjoying the drift, I ended up dislodging my glove! The water was brisk, and quickly locked it back into place as we headed in back towards shore.

Along the way, Lee spotted something, I didn’t know what he was looking at, until I noticed it too.

The GPO was pretty sizeable, and there were two kelp crabs, just inching their way towards it, picking and poking their way in the dark.

Also of note on the way back, there were two large Puget Sound king crabs, and a massive Ling Cod.

We caught up with the kickers in the shallows. I did my best sideways superman pose as I passed between them.

Back on shore, the confirmation that my whole right arm was completely waterlogged with much excess, and a quick rinse.

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