Invasion AKR The Aftermath

After a fabulous week of diving with Anthoney’s Key Resort in Roatan, Honduras, I learned a few things for future dive vacations.

  • Don’t put OPV in separate bags from where they go into.
  • Always check your camera before/after a dive for leaks
  • Always have charged batteries/empty cards
  • A small bottle of bug spray lasts about a week
  • No Seeums leave nasty marks that turn straight into scabs and last a loooooong time
  • Cram more into carryon and try to get everything into 1 checked bag
  • Don’t have milk in a third world country
  • Don’t fret about missing bags, in the end it doesn’t matter or greatly affect your total vacation (unless you’re backpacking or country hopping)

I spent 21:20 underwater blowing bubbles. Not a horrible way to spend 7 days (+2 days travelling) with 24 dives (3 night dives)

And now onto something completely relatedly different.


Some nice coral

Banded Coral Cleaner Shrimp

Spotted Eel

Nassau Grouper

French Angelfish (looks like champagne bubbles)

Nurse Shark and Remora

Sunset over the shore dive at AKR, we’re about to head out for a night dive as this group was coming back in


Fan Coral

Banded Butterfly fish

Sponge Bob! Sponge Coral

Four Eye Butterfly fish (notice they are always in pairs)

Coral head life

Indigo Hamlet (my favourite fish)

Hawksbill Turtle

Great Barracuda

King Crab hanging out upside-down

Trumpet Fish

Queen Angelfish (notice the ‘crown’ on the head)


Arrow Crab 

Aguilla Shipwreck 

Garden Eel

Sharpnose Puffer


More of the Aguilla Wreck

Black Groupers

Barred Hamlet

Squirrel Eye Rock Fish

Some kind of crab, two of them (the red)

Green Moray Eel (note the 2 sets of teeth)

Black Triggerfish

Stag horn Coral

Yellow Head Wrasse

Blue Tang

Porcupine Puffer (he wasn’t very happy being spotted in the shallows)

Lion Fish 

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