Back to the drive

Liz had mentioned she was planning on doing some wreck dives for a course in Feb up in Nanaimo, and my schedule coincided to leave from work in Banff for that weekend.

After working a long day, and getting a little bit of sleep, I headed out early heading west down the highway. I could have left later, but didn’t want to have to deal with the backlog of the closed highway for avalanche clearing in Revelstoke.

The Coquahala was closed due to avalanches, so I finally got the opportunity to take Hwy 1 the whole way to Vancouver through Cache Creek.

I would have been nicer, if it wasn’t so wet, and with less traffic (since everything was being diverted off Hwy 5)

Nothing too eventful, aside from the snow on top of Rogers pass, where my car decided to get a little sideways on me. Lightly brushed the side berm with not too much of a scrape, but a slight dent in the back bumper.

Coming into Salmon Arm was pretty icy, but otherwise a pleasant drive past there into Kamloops and beyond to Hope and Vancouver.

This time with pumped up tires, I made it to Kamloops with mileage to spare and filled up. My new ‘ritual’ is grabbing some Carls Jr in the lower mainland for some pre ferrie food.

I must have been really hungry the previous times. The burger is pretty decent, and a decent amount of food (I never finish it with a medium combo), but I think I’m gonna pass the next few times and grab something else.

I got into Parksville at Grannies just a bit after 5, had dinner and showed her my drysuit and new undergarment.

Yup, spent more money.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t wasted. I was looking for a pair of fins, and the Hollis fins fit pretty much perfectly over my rock boots. I inquired into the Whites Fusion undergarment at the store, and they had a few in-stock, and at a really good price. I figured it is a sound investment into my health and safety to be nice and warm!

After a veeeeeeery long day (days actually, with a nap here or there) I retired for the night

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