Bloody Damn Tires

Well after a goods nights rest, I headed back on my journey to Calgary. Starting with the ferry. It was still snowing, and was very icy driving down to the terminal. Luckily I was able to get on the scheduled boat with a few minutes to spare!

The Cocquihalla was now opened, but after looking through the pages of snow warnings on the DriveBC website, I opted for the scenic route up through to Cache Creek once again.

It was lovely this time, didn’t see much traffic, and it was pretty dry, making for a nice scenic drive!

I filled up my tires (again) when I fuelled up on the island, and took a look at them in Cache Creek and Golden when I fuelled back up, and they seemed to be ok.

Heading out of the mountains by Dead Mans Flats, I felt a little wobbly in the back, and the distinct smell of rubber made me think, “I should probably pull over ….” as the clock was approaching 11pm, just in time for my scenic route to get me home by midnight.

Sure enough, that bloody damn tire was barely attached at the rim.

All of my dive gear was on top of the spare. Not to mention, in the mountains, its dark, lots of big trucks passing by, and the mercury dropped to a nice -20C. Luckily, I always keep my abominable snow suit in the back seat of my car for such emergencies (I was in shorts and flip flops …) and changed out the tire for the donut.

Well, lets just say that midnight arrival goal was just ruined. I made it home closer to 1am.

The next day, I drove into the dealership to get a new tire, possibly some new rims (it had quite a nice inward dent) and get the oil changed.

Well, sadly to say, my nice mish mash of used rims were ready for the scrap heap. The quote was about what I paid for the car for new matching rims and tires (another tire had a bulge), or change it out for steel rims and move down a rim size for more rubber!

Still more expensive than I would have liked, but now, for the first time ever. I have matching rims!

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