Sea Lions Dive 4

After a quick review of the days footage, I crashed pretty good for the evening.

Waking up the next morning to a warm breakfast, we headed once again to the boat for the first dive of the day …. Yup, more Sea Lions!

We headed back to the same corner as the day before and had a wonderful time. I was the first to splash in the water, so they were all over me for the first few minutes. Since It also happened to be a few of the most awesome males in a families birthday, I decided to have a little fun with the mornings filming.

I wrote a few things down in my wet-notes and proceeded to the incursion by the clan of wild animals.

It worked out for the most part. Getting things in frame was tricky, especially when they would either eat the camera, get in the way, or just start trying to film themselves.

I did manage to get a few cool clips to put together

Bottom Time: 69minutes
Bottom Depth: 12m

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