The drive home

After a quick spot of tea and toast at Ron & Annettes, I headed off to the ferry to try to catch the 9am, and fill up on fuel (I made it a good 10km past the computer telling me I had 0km left …)

Try I did, and failed. a dozen cars in front of me tried as well.

All the while I’m thinking, hmmm, I have a tank ready to go, just do a quick turn around and hop in the water by the marina up the road!

Sadly, I didn’t, but I did start organizing all of my gear, and dismantling all I can while it’s still a little damp while waiting for the next sailing.

The drive back was pretty uneventful, until around Revelstoke. It sounded like I hit something on the passenger side, and it slid under the driver rear wheel as I ran over ‘it’

Back at home (just minutes before midnight), I noticed that my passenger front hub cap was gone. Could that be what I ran over? My own hubcap?

Also, this time in Coombs, I bought way to little jerky. I finished it before I was even home. $15 of jerky doesn’t last me very long it seems.

Looking forward to the next set of dives. I’m not planning on heading back west until after my trip to Roatan, as the time free and funds can’t support it. But having said that, in a few weeks, I’ll be back in the Caribbean at a ‘mostly’ inclusive dive resort, and hope to log a full day underwater with at least 2 dozen dives from their boats, and shore, with a few night dives. Also a new camera rig too!

Stay tuned ….

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