Did someone ask for Ice?

Well, another winter, and another round of all the shops advertising Ice Diving!

This time, everything seemed to line up in my favour, so I headed out to Lake Minnewanka for some fabulous weather, visibility and of course, FUN!

We started off the whole ordeal with a class night, then a pool night and finally, a setup day on the lake and two days of diving in 2C waters, brrr!

Luckily, I brought along my heated undergarments. Nothing like some warm hands, feet and body in a giant frozen lake.

I’ve dove Minnewanka once, didn’t see much aside from a few feet in front of me, and lots of silt. We setup along the old bridge on its pilings. The visibility was great, we could see the next from the first, a rare treat!

Four dives totalling 69 minutes in length.

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