Mysterious Pinnacle

So on a trip out, I expressed interest on scooting out to a site called ‘Mystery Pinnacle’ that popped up on Google Earth.

We planned on heading out around 15meters, since the top of the pinnacle is around that point as well.

On our bearing, we hit the left side of the pinnacle in no time at all across the mighty 64m deep abyss. The left side is a fairly gradual slope. We encountered a few frightened fishes and nudbranchs, as well as a Plumouse Anemone. We didn’t get to the wall of the pinnacle on this dive. The Sonar suggests it will be quite epic!

There also was quite an abundance of krill. Maybe something lurks deeper that comes up to feed?

Bottom Time: 54mins
Max. Depth: 30m
Water Temp.: 5-9C
Visibility: Clear at top, 15-20m below

More adventures await!

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