Invasion AKR Day 7

Our diving has been in the same groups (8 or 9 groups of divers) rotating which boat they are on every 2 days or so.

Today we could dive any boat that we liked. Unfortunately there was one small hiccup. None of the boards had any of the sites listed, or the DM’s.

I really wanted to go back to the Aguila to actually check out the wreck this time, but didn’t know what boat to go to. Instead I just went on the boat I was on the day prior.

The first dive was to a fairly deep sandy area, full of garden eels, crabs, shrimp, and a few eels. It was a nice dive.

The second dive was to Canyon Reef. As the name suggests, its a reef with lots of ways out to the wall.

Prior to the dive, the DM was bet $50 for a picture of an eagle ray, $100 for a great picture of an eagle ray.

As soon as we descended, there was a ray cruising along the top of the reef. Cha-ching!

Going along the wall there were 2 of the biggest lobsters that I’ve ever seen. Longer than my arm and thicker than my thigh! And just sitting out in the light ontop of a coral ledge no less!

At the end of the dive, again, we found another Eagle Ray cruising along the wall, double cha-ching for Sherwin!

That was our last official dive with SB on this trip, as most people were flying out the next afternoon.

Unfortunate for them, luckily I’m flying out later.

On the afternoon dive, we went back to Pillar Coral and headed the other way on the wall. There was an OW course happening as well on the boat, so our dive was to be a bit shorter so they weren’t waiting too long.

78 minutes later we surfaced. I still had half of a tank left too. I probably could have stayed down another 45 minutes easily looking for sea horses (I couldn’t find any 🙁 )

Back at the resort, we hit happy hour, took a big group picture, and had dinner. After dinner was our closing night party. A slideshow of the week, the big prizes (trips to Philippines, Live A Boards, etc) were given out.

I won a credit with Chipola Divers!

AKR Roatan, ??
Date: May 2, 2014
Bottom Time: 51 minutes
Max Depth: 30m
Water Temp: 28.9C
Running Time: 66:10

AKR Roatan, Canyon Reef (Wall)
Date: May 2, 2014
Bottom Time: 50 minutes
Max Depth: 23m
Water Temp: 28.3C
Running Time: 67:00

AKR Roatan, Canyon Reef (Top)
Date: May 2, 2014
Bottom Time: 77 minutes
Max Depth: 20m
Water Temp: 28.3C
Running Time: 67:17

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