Invasion AKR Day 8

I had breakfast with a few members leaving that day, said goodbye and headed to my boat with a grin on my face. While they are flying, I’m DIVING!

I would have left today, but with how flights were, I’d spend a night in Houston, probably for more money (hotel, food, etc) than staying here another day and DIVING!

Tough life I have.

So today the rest of us that were left (a good half dozen of us) headed off for some more time under water.

The first dive was to a site called Front Porch.

My gear was on the boat, and I was just starting to get it setup as we departed. I didn’t anticipate it would take less time than to strap my BP to the tank! It took me a few quickly rushed minutes to finally jump into the water (It would have been nice to have a quick warning about how quick the trip would be! :P)

It was a nice drift, lasting just under an hour.

The second dive was another drift for over an hour. It was nice diving with a very experienced group. It made me look like a total newbie though, but I didn’t mind. I though I finally didn’t move much on a drift dive. These guys don’t move at all!

With this being my last dive, I spent about a hour rising out my gear thoroughly, as most nights, it’s just been a quick dunk and swish in the rinse tank (4 dives a day with the longest SI being about 12-14 hours)

I brought my gear back to the hut to dry out on the porch and headed into lunch.

The night before, we were told where not only the next years invasion was to be (and when), but 2016 as well. I really wish it wasn’t in the end of June.

2 weeks in the Philippines, with mid week transportation, 5 dives a day, completely all inclusive and for a price that screams ‘Just take my money!’

I really wish it wasn’t at the end of June …… Maybe I could find another profession?

I decided to hit up happy hour at the pool bar. I decided on an old favourite, a White Russian. Very tasty.

Heading into dinner, I grabbed a few beers as well at the happy hour and had a great dinner, checking out the new group that just arrived at the resort (a group of 26, compared to our 60+)

That night, I did some preliminary packing, and headed to bed.
AKR Roatan, Front Porch
Date: May 3, 2014
Bottom Time: 49 minutes
Max Depth: 26m
Water Temp: 28.9C
Running Time: 69.06

AKR Roatan, ??
Date: May 3, 2014
Bottom Time: 63 minutes
Max Depth: 23m
Water Temp: 29.4C
Running Time: 70:09

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