The Ogden Drift

Today C.Lock and I headed to Ogden for an early afternoon dive. Gearing up, and heading out along the blocks we jumped in around the first marker.

On the extremely GIANT stride into the water, I managed to get my primary reg’s exhaust T bent over! A few moments of mumbling, I procured the necessary tool to fold the small piece of rubber back over to stop water from going the wrong way in the reg.

That tool? none other than my wet-notes pencil lead of course!

With the reg reassembled, we descended down into the nice drift out towards the end of the breakwater.

Again, my primary light didn’t like working past the 5 minute mark. Just blinking away like someone cares about it’s feeling for the LiPh battery that I blew up the other day. Silly me, it’s still grieving.

There were are few critters of note, the largest Tiger Rockfish (it was huge!) that I’ve ever seen (and scared off). Some nudi’s, including one I didn’t see until looking at the footage on the urchins spine. A hermit crab being attacked by a worm. And the usual cast of curious, but scaredy cat Cods.

The swim back against the current wasn’t too bad overall. A section or two that almost made the thought of ‘Sporty’ on the scale of ‘Huh?’ to ‘Tsunami’ for a 55 minute dive. On the Dairki tide site, we hopped in at the tail end of slack on a fairly large exchange (9ft over 8 hours)

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