All is well …. then CRAP!!!!

I messaged the big guy about joining on some of his awesome photo dives with Sputnik-N.

After the prior days problems with the rig, I decided maybe it was something with the Wide Angle setup, so I opted for the Macro setup, as well, that’s what the big guy shoots.

Same issues as before, but this time I brought the GoPro down with me. Anything deeper than 20ft, the right rear controls become useless (like record!)

I put together a quick and dirty video of the dive

{Edit} Painted Greenling, not Kelp Greenling {/Edit}

Some cool takeaways … the heated suit battery failed spectacularly. Apparently it doesn’t like the Salt Water Jacuzzi. BUT I did find a Grunt Sculpin! as evidenced by video, unlike that crab yesterday hugging a red octo 🙁

So after some sulking, panicking and off gassing, I headed out to our weekly Wednesday Night Dive sans heated suit.

It was quite fun, but quickly in the dive, my primary light died. Deployed the backup and away we go! And go we did.

Joining us for most of the dive was a hungry seal, coming down and hunting with our lights. Just so happened I had the GoPro rolling at the time he first showed up. We also found the Octo as well hiding away.

You can hear my excitement between my breaths ….

At the end of the dive, I dropped back down to quickly grab the light I left at our entry, and low and behold, there was the seal, hunting away right at our feet, swimming through us as we were exiting the water!

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