Island Driving

Every few times out the year, I get to make the journey out to Vancouver Island. I like visiting Vancouver Island, and the family that is on said Island, and lately it’s been via driving the 1000km journey between Calgary and it. When driving to Vancouver Island, I like to start the trip early in the morning.

2AM early.

It usually has less traffic at that time, I don’t get distracted by the magnificent mountain vista views, and it kills a good 1/2 of the drive by morning, leaving me arriving into Vancouver around noonish for a quick visit with a friend, and take the 3PM Ferry.

On the drive out this time, there wasn’t very much snow in the mountains (well, in BC. Lots in Alberta), but lots of fog starting around Lake Louise, and didn’t let up much until around Salmon Arm. The Koke was foggy, well more like cloudy as I spent half the time in a cloud, or above and below it.

The car made it fine, just a little low on air in a tire, but I kept thinking the mileage wasn’t as great as it used to be, I filled up before Kamloops, whereas I usually fill up in Kamloops. The computer in the car said I would run out about 20KM outside of town when I filled up in Salmon Arm. Next time, make sure the tire is filled.

I also forgot my tray of veggies and dip in the fridge, and my USB cable for the Veo, along with my dive logbook in the same baggie.

While the plan is to go diving in Victoria, I took the Horseshoe bay ferry to Departure bay in Nanaimo to go see Granny H for a quick visit.

On the ferry ride over, I generally stay with the car, as everyone seems to fill up the sections of seating area pretty quick. During so, I made a cheap goodman handle out of a go pro wrist/arm/headband strap?? and some bungie, as well, reworked my computer bungie, as I had it sized perfectly for a bare wrist, it wouldn’t work well on my arm with a dry suit, let alone if I get a dry glove system.

As everyone headed back to their cars nearing shore, I heard quite a few comments on the new colouring of dirt on my car, pretty much covering everything up on 3 sides. It seemed as if everyone on the island washes their car meticulously, and daily. Compared to my car of course.

Leaving the ferry, I headed to Marks Work Warehouse, to pick up some wool work socks to wear under the suit (as all I have are ankle cotton socks), and headed over to Granny’s.

There is quite a bit more now to Parksville than the last time I visited. Business buildings are being rebuilt, with second floors, a new medical centre and residential areas are being built on the outskirts of town.

It was great seeing granny, as last December, I made plans to visit over christmas, but I had to change those plans due to work and heading out East for a New Years show.

We had to send a picture to my sister, of us eating out of a tub of Original Moose Tracks, in the living room, with biiiiig spoons. Cruel, I know.


After being up, and driving over 1000km in 19 hours, I called it a night.

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