Sealions, Dive 1

Getting up bright and early (I’m still working from a different time zone), I awaited breakfast, and probably drank too much tea …

We started moving our gear onto the boat, securing out spots for the weekends festivities.

We headed out, just south of the island is Norris Rocks, a place famous for the wintering Sea Lion colony. Before the anchor was set, they were mostly in the water, ganging up and waiting for us at the bottom.

Being my first time with them, I was heeding all the directions, “Don’t get them too excited too quickly” “If you keep calm and away, so will they” and the like.

Others, well they were loving every second being the guest of honour, getting nuzzles, nudges, bumps, bites and barks.

The smaller, younger pups liked to play, biting on our squishy arms, mouthing our hands, occasionally biting our hooded heads, and sometimes, bitting and dragging us (i.e. me) by our wings.

I don’t know if it was a sea lion, the airline or the leaky arm, but my right sock was definitely wet by the end of the dive.

The action seemed to die down halfway through, with us splitting off from where we were, so I’m guessing the sealions did as well.

It was a fun first experience. Nothing too crazy, pretty tame and easy to control the mood of everyone involved.

Dive Depth: 14m
Dive Time: 62min

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