Video Concepts

I’ve been very interested in underwater video. I do like pictures as well, but I really like pictures that show a bit of the animals movement, its ‘breathing’, gathering food (plankton), it’s sensory organs (eyes, gills, etc) and how they move. Their propulsion, do they mainly use their tail? Do they ‘walk’ on their pectoral fins? Do they just use their dorsal and anal fin?

You can’t quite capture that with a photograph.

Since I’ve been doing more and more local diving in Alberta Lakes and Ponds, the number of water creatures is smaller than what you can often find in a tide pool on an ocean shore …. But it does have quite a few interesting subjects.

One I’m slightly fascinated by at the moment is underwater movement from under a particular pond.


Yup, it is ForgetMeNot pond. No longer are the days of seeing straight across it, and all of its rocks. Now it is nothing than just a silty and sandy lunar landscape. But in some small areas, there are some interesting movement in that silt.


Other interests are some of the smaller fish, and spring/summer vegetation, as well as the fall beetles. Some are harder to film than others while they fleet around on their daily business.

The latest acquisition of Sputnik, my Aquatica housing for my Nikon, and some new suitable lenses for underwater use should hopefully be a small learning curve, and help me achieve what I’m looking for that I’m limited with the most excellent GoPro 4.

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