BC Winter Vacation!

Well the Christmas work season is a little lighter this year, but makes up for more time off to go diving!

Checking on the road conditions, it seemed there was quite a few oopsie and “Hold my beer” events on the highway over the weekend. When I finished loading the car with several sets of twin tanks, stages, deco bottles, scooters, clothes, half of my dive shop and myself, they were all cleared away.

Heres what my drive looks like (very fast time lapsed time-lapse … it’s 10.5 hours of driving!)

Music is Doomed From the Start by JFR (www.jfrmusic.com), a good buddy of mine with a killer band! Check them out if you get the chance 🙂

We decided to go to Henderson for some diving. My new heated suit and Sputnik-N rig came along for the ride. Unfortunately, Sputnik-N had some issues with wanting buttons to work properly, so I didn’t get any video. Maybe I just loaded the camera in slightly wrong, as most controls worked, except for the important ones for video!

The new heated suit was nice. It is a little thinner than what I am used to, so at the 20 minute mark, I was a little chilly in both dives, and turned on the Jump Suit. Ahhhhh, nice heat on the torso. 75 minutes later and we were back on the surface swimming back to shore in the very, very brisk surface water layer.

On top, I checked out the camera, everything works fine up top. So I brought it along again, along with the GoPro (in case it didn’t work) for the second dive.

Overall, we hit the boat, went around the wall to the left and right and had 2 great dives off a set of 2x12L for a total of 140 minutes of diving 🙂

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